Shawn R. Bell      vocals/part time guitarist

Job Title: theone
Equipment:(Ibanez Gio) on a XXL Peavey Head with an ancient 4x12 Peavey cabinet                         Influences: Tool, Nirvana, Doors, STP

         Mike Lowe/drums


aka:Mike Lowe
Job Title: Slave
Equipment: Pearl Drums
Influences: Metallica, Pantera, Clutch

Mike Dagenais/bass

Job Title: Bastard
Equipment: Ibanez S.G. 4 string, Peavey Firebass 700w head, Peavey 210 x 18, 4 x 10 cabs, Hartke 2 x 10, 115 cabs Korg rack tuner, A.K.G. wireless system.
Influences: Dave Elephson, Nikki Sixx, Jason Newsted.

Troy Toma/lead guitar

Job Title: Guitar Teacher


Sooooo, in April 04’, Mike D. (DIKK) moved back from somewhere land Alberta, (being from B.C. in the first place). He figured he’d better get his ass in gear and find a new project. His taste lies more toward the likes of Motley Crue, Megadeth, and a whole lot in between. He comes across a band with no name, or no “demo”, but felt that they possessed the essence that he was seeking. Having never been formally asked to join, he just started showing up for practice. The four of them started to rock and they came up with a name.

This page contains contact information for all the members of Project. From here you can send e-mail to project members, or visit their personal home .Forcefed, very highly explosive, from the hard driving stick smashing drums, in your face vocals, fatass bass, to the high voltage guitar rifts. When you see Forcefed for the first time, they will change your perspective on Rock. A year ago Bell & Lowe, finally got fed-up with just pissing around with their music. Even trying to put a band together with friends was hopeless, which drove them to placing ads in the paper. First was getting a hold of a bassist to see what they could do.

They practiced every other day, and adding a friend in the mix for extra guitar. In two months time they decided to record a “DEMO”. Well, not much happened with the four tracks they managed to record. Some would even speculate that it never even happened. But knowing now that they needed a lead guitar added to the mix, they headed back to the “musicians wanted” section.

Enter stage right, in October /04,Lead Guitar/Songwriter he decided to pick up the paper one day, and read an ad that caught his eye. He auditioned twice, although the second wasn’t much of an audition. The band already knew. He already knew. They found the lead they needed. With him he brought a whole new dimension. I mean, this boy can really play! He’s a long hair and he loves Megadeth. Perfect.




The four continue to try to play to as many people as they can, spreading their infectious sound as far as they possibly can. Every few shows or so, they do something new. So every show is always a little different. The fan base, although small right now, consists of very cool people who are an integral part of the band. Obviously, if the fans weren’t there, then the band wouldn’t be there either. With that, and as the fan base grows, so will fan appreciation. You’ll have to pay attention to the web site to know what that’s all about. In the very near future you can look forward to a four, if not a five or six song EP, as well as all the merchandise and maybe a little more. Everything will be available through our web site at In a nutshell, if you combine their sound with their style, you’ll leave with a smile because they’re the show to see.


After some retooling and intense practice, the band gained a new lease on life. A little over a month later they began, they knew it was time for the world to be Forcefed, unleashing their first show in Nov 04’. Since then they have slowly, but steadily gained momentum performing almost two dozen shows in four months, including two charity/fundraiser shows and an invite to play a C.D. release party.